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1893―1957 プロローグ IMF創成期
Prologue : The IMFʼs Early Days
1957―1764.4 IMFオルグの時代
Era of IMF Organizing Activity
1964.5―1969 IMF-JCを結成
Founding of the IMF-JC
1970―1974 IMF-JCの組織体制整う
Developing of the IMF-JCʼs Organizational Structure
1975―1979 賃金決定のリード役に
IMF-JC Plays a Leading Role in Annual Wage Negotiations
1980―1984 国際貿易問題への対応と時短
Response to International Trade Issues and Reducing Working Hours
1985―1989 IMF東京大会開く
IMF World Congress in Tokyo
1990―1994 新システムへの挑戦
The Challenge to Adopt New Systems
1995―1999 生活者・勤労者重視の「新しい経済・社会システムづくり」ビジョンの実践
Implementing the Vision of Building New Economic and Social Systems with Priority on Citizens and Workers
2000―2004 21世紀に入り新たな挑戦の時代へ
Entering the 21st Century and an Era of New Challenges
2005―2009 新たな組織改革を行う
New Organizational Reforms
2010―2014 国際連帯の絆は更に強靭に、IMFからインダストリオールへ
From IMF to IndustriALL ―Stronger Bonds in International Solidarity